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Visa description

Qatar has announced visas for taxi driver for Pakistani citizens. On this page you will see the entire details of the visas. Read the details and apply. For application you will either see the link of “Newspaper visa ad” or the ad itself on this page. Just read the ad and apply as guided there.

Visa announced for

Taxi Driver

Qualification criterion for the said visas

The qualification is not mentioned in the ad published in daily Express newspaper

Experience / Requirements for the said visas

The applicants should have light duty driving licence

Total number of visas announced

See the newspaper ad as provided on this page

Age Limit for applicants

Age limit for application is not mentioned in the newspaper ad. See the ad on this page

Visa for the country

The above visas are for Qatar

Visa for the city

No particular city of Qatar is mention in the newspaper ad

Daily Newspaper

This ad of the Qatar visas has been published in Daily Express newspaper on 7th July, 2017

Date of visa announcement


Applicants’ Gender

The above visas are for the male candidates

Duty Timing / Days / Hours

It is not specified in the newspaper ad. However generally the timing is 8 hours

Salary (in foreign currency)

Salary detail for the taxi driver is as follows;
500 Qatri Riyal along with 400 riyal as residence allowance and 30 % commission

Salary (in Pakistani currency)

The detail of salary in Pakistani Rupees is as follows;
• Monthly income is almost Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 100,000
Note: The above mentioned salary is raised on account of 30% commission

Other facilities

According to the Labour Laws of Qatar the company concerned shall provide the following facilities to its employees;
• Free accommodation
• Labour card
• Free transport

Application deadline

Apply as early as possible

How to apply

Please see the following visa ad published in daily Express newspaper on 6th July, 2017

See the newspaper ad

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