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There are certain terms of use of the site that the users must comply with. These terms are as follows; 1. The contents on the site are the sole property of and under no circumstances users can copy the contents which are copyrights protected. However the ads of the newspaper published in the site are exempt from that. 2. In case of any copyrights violation has every right to protect its rights. On finding copyrights violation on any site we can contact the concerned hosting company and Google.

Comments section of posts

The comments of the users, once approved, become the part of the site’s contents. Therefore they must follow the following terms and conditions before submitting their comments. 1. There must NOT be any keyword spamming in the comments 2. The comments must be in acceptable language and no comment shall be approved which carries; 1. Intolerant language 2. Irrelevancy 3. Racial tendencies 4. Concerns against any religion, sect or territory

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Terms are also applied on the people who send us their message through contact us page. Their message must comply with the terms as mentioned above.

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