Privacy policy

Find the job of your choice. Ads collected from all the daily newspapers is responsible to protect the privacy of our users on the site.

How can user share his / her information

It is very important for the site to let user contact us by giving their useful feedbacks for better user experience. Therefore the users can share their information on the two portals on the site; Contact us page Comments section

Contact us page

When users want to give their feedback or share some information with us they can use contact us form. The message sent through the form is sent to the email address of the administrator of the site for further necessary action.

Important information which can be sent to us through the form and which may be called as personal is; name, email and website. The emails received through contact us form are deleted after necessary action. We do not keep any information saved in any database of the site

Comments section

Users can give their comments on the post which are useful for use for the better user experience. However it is possible that we withhold comments section because of cache and query limit on the site. Users have to fill in the fields that are; name, email, website (if any) and the message. This message goes to the dashboard of the site and cannot be published unless approved by the administrator. The comments are not approved if there is a violation of the terms of use. Approved comments keep alive with the post and deleted when the post is deleted.


Since the site is required to focus on the latest information of jobs and visas therefore the older information, after deadline, is deleted. The running posts can always be not more than fifty almost. Therefore the comments with the older posts are also deleted and nothing we keep in our database for the longer span of time. During the time of the stay of any post on the site (may be week or so) the approved comments may stay and after that with the post they are deleted.

Privacy policy

It is the strict policy of the to keep user information with us until they are deleted from the database. The database of the site can NEVER be shared to any third party in any circumstances.

European Union User Consent Policy

The people from the countries of European Union must not give their comments are send contact us form unless they are willing to share their information with us.


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